Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing crossed over to Germany from USA and it is gaining on significance here more and more.  The companies are discovering the added value of an influencer, for example as a brand ambassador. Naturally, everyone want to cooperate with big players, but does it really matches your product?

It is not always about the range of the influencer, but rather in the first place whether one can actually reach the target group that you want to reach with this person. Just ask yourself a question, who at all is an influencer? Basically, can it be anyone who wrote a product review? Yes, that can also influence the purchase decision of a potential customer.

We are working together with influencer from different fields, among others Mama Content, Beauty, Fashion, Plus Size and Music.

To be able to benefit from an influencer as a brand, the focus can not be only on the range, but also on whether the chosen one can identify with the product or the brand. Always ask yourself a question here: Does your product or brand match the blog?

There are many different possibilities to work together with influencers, because it is much more than only shooting a photo.

The classic cooperation, a sponsored post or an advertorial.
The possibilities are here almost infinite – we are preparing a suitable package according to a customer wish. We are gladly supporting planning blogger events, where you have an opportunity to present your products to the influencers.