The Affiliate Marketing is within the online marketing the division with high growth rates. It allows manufacturers of products and providers of services to distribute the merchants to their products through a network of partners (affiliates). The affiliates operate target-oriented websites, through which they obtain recommendations for the products of the merchants. The affiliate marketing manager have the task to organize the cooperation between suppliers and partners.

The Affiliate Manager

If you are already running affiliate marketing or want to get started, you need an Affiliate Marketing Manager. Its core business is the care of the affiliate program. It has the task to increase the sales of your company with the affiliates. For this he uses his knowledge in marketing and sales, as well as the necessary technical skills. He will only be successful if he can concentrate on his job in full time and keep his knowledge up to date through Affiliate Marketing Manager training. If you turn your online manager into an affiliate manager, its penetration force will be limited due to time deficit.

  • Concept development
    The Affiliate Manager develops concepts for the partner programs by planning and developing measures.
  • Monitoring of partner programs
    The programs are constantly reviewed and optimized.
  • Selection of the technique
    The Affiliate Manager is looking for IT technical solutions that serve to improve the implementation of the affiliate program.
  • Support of the affiliates
    He communicates with the affiliates to motivate them to keep up with news and control them.
  • Recruiting
    A particularly important task is the recruiting of new partners. That’s why the Affiliate Manager is constantly looking for potential partners to expand his network.
  • Numbers and dates
    The Affiliate Manager collects and analyzes numbers and data in the partner’s environment. He makes reports, sets budgets and is responsible for controlling.
  • Communication skills
    The affiliate manager has to be communicative; because it requires close contact with the affiliates. Picking up the phone is his daily task.
  • Analysis capability
    Dealing with numbers is part of his daily business. For this reason, he needs both numerate and analytical skills. This is the only way to create connections and develop concepts.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages
    The affiliate marketing is international. Partner networks go beyond national boundaries. The affiliate manager must not only follow his affiliates in foreign languages, but also be able to precede them in recruiting.

The affiliate manager of an agency has to do the same tasks as his colleague at the merchant. Also, its characteristics must meet the same requirements. But there are still certain differences.

Flexibility: The affiliate manager of an agency not only processes one, but several different projects of different merchants at the same time. He must therefore be flexible in the simultaneous support of qualitatively and quantitatively different, demanding tasks.

Ability to cooperate: Since the affiliate manager of an agency is an external supervisor, he needs the necessary fingertip feeling and the ability to cooperate. Both are shown as being the appropriate “lubricant” between the organization of the merchant and the affiliate networks.


The affiliate marketing manager training is the most important requirement, if you want long-term success with the referral marketing on the Internet. Almost every year, methods of online sales are changing so that you should schedule a training course for management every six months. Seminars are constantly being offered to all activities of the Affiliate manager. But before you think about further education, start your new distribution channel with a seminar on the topic of affiliate marketing for all employees, who will get in touch with it.


This section provides an overview of the most important seminars:

  • “Basics and Functionality” – is suitable as a preparation for affiliate marketing.
  • “The most important participant in affiliate marketing” – describes and evaluates the roles of merchant, publisher and network.
  • “Compensation models” – an introduction to the various payments for clicks and instructions for their activation.
  • “Technical prerequisites” – a training of the technical understanding and a practical demonstration how to develop affiliategic IT solutions.
  • “Fraud protection” – describes the safeguards against fraud on the Internet, in particular the precaution against cookie dropping or commission fraud.
  • “Planning a successful affiliate campaign” – training on a case example, which is recommended for its imitation characteristics.

The Affiliate Marketing Manager Training is an important measure to keep your knowledge up-to-date. Therefore, plan two seminars per year.