The Affiliate Agency in general

Affiliate marketing, a special form of online marketing, has enjoyed considerable growth in recent years; because it has become common knowledge that the affiliates, also known as publishers, can generate a decent passive income. They provide their web pages to the merchants for the purpose of obtaining recommendations for their products or services. These are determined by clicks on the pages of the affiliates, which are a basis for their income.

The merchants have therefore recognized the affiliate marketing as an additional distribution channel. It is a network of sales partners on the Internet, which recommends the products and services on a large number of websites.

The number of affiliate marketing agencies has also risen sharply in recent years. Since the merchants lack the necessary experience when entering this business, they need professional support. The following is a detailed description of what this help is all about and what benefits it can give, if you want to improve your performance as a merchant in affiliate marketing, refer to the following.


At the center of an affiliate marketing agency is the partner program and its support; but a full service that entwines it, offers far more benefits. They develop a joint sales strategy tailored to your products and services, which is implemented by the agency using the planning. The full service includes the following services:

Initial consultation
The initial consultation includes the representation of the possibilities of affiliate marketing for your business and the recording of the actual state.
Competition evaluation
The competition monitoring you have already carried out will be supplemented by the evaluation of the internet environment, which you will encounter with your affiliate marketing. This includes the establishment of a ranking of the degree of recognition of your products to those of the products to be competed.
Affiliate models
Afterwards, the agency proposes different affiliate models for evaluation.
Network communication
Simultaneously, the agency takes on the communication with other networks in order to enable the reach required for affiliate marketing at an early stage.
Publisher Recruiting
The recruiting of new prospects goes beyond the communication with your publishers. You must always expect fluctuations among your affiliates. This is why “recruiting” means not only “plugging holes”, but also keeping the network stable and expanding.
Program optimization
The optimization of your program is an ongoing process which is constantly accompanying your sales activities. It should be used as early as possible.
Use of advertising material
The task of the agency is to use your advertising materials, to check them for suitability and to maintain them.
Technical support
Whether you are starting as a merchant or already marketing some activities in the affiliate market, the possibility of technical assistance from an experienced agency is always useful. This is why this assistance is part of the services.
The constant reporting on the course of the measures of the affiliate project is not only a matter of course, but also an absolute necessity. A safe and clear reporting is an essential part of full services.
Program of products or services
Your range of products or services is analyzed whether and how it is appropriate for the recommendations in online marketing.
Product optimization
In order to develop your performance on the Internet, the marketing agency optimizes your a relevant product program.
Affiliate Program
The agency starts with the affiliate program, which you can tailor to your specific requirements and look after later on.
Publisher communication
The communication with your publishers is particularly important; because the success of your sales channel depends on them. They must be informed, educated about innovations and supported with tips. Conversely, the feedback from the publishers is important to you, so you can make your actions in affiliate marketing efficiently for you.
The affiliate program should contain events to be organized by the affiliate marketing agency.
Inclusion of other marketing measures
Affiliate Marketing is not alone. Therefore, your other marketing efforts will be analyzed to determine whether and how they can be used for the distribution on internet.
Sales comparison
Your sales need constant monitoring. Therefore they have to be matched with your affiliates.
Fraud Detection Tool
Cybercrimes are still very often, although you may have got used to it. But the criminal energy and the criminal creativity seem inexhaustible. They also do not stop in front of the affiliate marketing. This is why a Fraud Detection Tool is part of the agency’s full service.
The training courses for your employees, who are responsible for the marketing of the affiliate at your company and should be the contact person for the agency you commissioned, must be guaranteed. This refers to the introduction of training and project-related sequels.

The services listed here may not be complete, because the agency scene has a lot of offers. At the same time, however, they form the hard, unchanging core of the full service that you can expect from a reputable agency.


The list of these services is not just a list of offers of affiliate marketing agency; but it is also a compilation of all the benefits that you enjoy during commissioning. Ultimately, it is a benchmark for what services you need for the performance targeted by affiliate marketing.

Do it yourself or outsource

Before making any decision, whether a service should be outsourced or done in-house, there is the question of the necessary expertise. There is also no patent recipe for affiliate marketing, as the prerequisites vary from company to company. But criteria are still available.

Establishment of a partner program
The strategic development of an affiliate marketing partner program requires knowledge of commission models, advertising materials and access to the appropriate publishers. If this knowledge is not stable in your business yet, you should consult an appropriate agency. Not only is the required know-how available; synergies can be lifted when experiences with other affiliate programs of the Affiliate Marketing Agency are present.

Support of a partner program
Once the partner program is installed, the support begins. It must therefore always be optimized. Reportings are required. A time-consuming process begins. If you do not have a suitable employee that you can entrust with full time, you should hire the professionals of the agency.

Publisher network
If you do not have direct access to the publisher network that contains the appropriate affiliates for your project, save yourself the effort; you will not succeed. Look for an experienced affiliate marketing agency.


The interim result has already shown it. The reasons for the outsourcing also point in the same direction. The assignment of an affiliate marketing agency has many advantages for you.